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Gutter Cleaning FAQs

How often should my gutters be cleaned and inspected?

The answer to this question varies. Unless you live in a home with no mature trees on your street, it is recommended that a gutter system be properly cleaned and checked twice a year at minimum. These cleanings will typically occur in the spring, prior to storm season and in the fall, after the majority of the foliage is down. Homeowners that live in wooded areas or homes with surrounding mature trees should consider three to four services per year as needed. Here is recommended scheduling:

Late spring (late May through end of June): This is the time to clean gutters of accumulated winter debris. This includes tender tree foliage, which is blown off the trees along with blossoms and pollen strings, which clog your gutters providing a perfect breeding ground for mosquito larva.

Mid to late summer (August through mid-September): Even though most foliage is still intact, thunderstorms, strong winds and drought, all contribute to large accumulations of leaves, sticks and debris in gutters during this time.

Early fall (late October through mid-November): Leaves accumulate in your gutters very quickly and the sheer volume requires the gutters to be cleaned for proper drainage.

Late fall (late November through the end of January): This is when most leaves have fallen. This gutter cleaning is a balancing act of waiting for most leaves to be off the trees but not waiting too long, as the gutters will freeze with the debris in them, making them nearly impossible to clean properly.

Do I need to be home for a gutter cleaning service?

No. Northside Window & Gutter Cleaning will give you a two hour window of time that the service will begin. Homeowners do not need to be present for our gutter cleaning service to be completed, but can be if they choose.

Do the technicians use pressure washers for gutter cleaning?

No. Pressure washers are not used to perform the gutter cleaning service. All gutter cleanings are performed by hand or with a hand held blower depending on the specific job. We do offer a “Premium” service that includes a water flush of the gutter system with a standard hose. We use ladders to access the roof and gutter system and unless specified, all debris is bagged and set in a logical spot for your trash company. The surrounding grounds are left in the condition that they were found, if not better.

Does the gutter cleaning service include unclogging my underground or buried drainage tiles?

No. Northside’s scope of work includes cleaning the gutter trough itself, all attached downspouts from roof level, including the upper elbows, but excludes anything below ground level. If you feel that you may have issues with an underground or buried drainage tile, we would recommend that you call your favorite landscaper or residential drainage specialist. We are always happy to give you our professional opinion on the area of concern, but Northside does not service underground drainage tiles.

Window Cleaning FAQs

How often should I clean my windows?

There is really no correct answer to this question. This is a personal preference and the frequency varies according the the customer’s likes. Our busy seasons are typically early to late Spring and then again in the Fall, prior to the Holidays. Many of our customers will prefer to have cleanings multiple times throughout the year. We will clean windows all year long, weather permitting.

How does the weather and rain affect my window cleaning?

Northside Window & Gutter Cleaning provides service throughout the entire year. We clean windows in temperatures ranging from 25°F – 100°F+, in both light rain and snow. Rainwater does not create water spots, but rather dust in the air, driving rain through dirty screens, and any water from your hose or sprinkler system will create water spots.

What should I do to prepare for the window cleaning service?

For an interior/exterior window cleaning, there is nothing the homeowner needs to do to prepare for the service. If you have breakables or items that you prefer that our team does not touch, you may want to relocate them away from the windows prior to our arrival. Our cleaning teams can work around just about anything and will treat your home with conscious respect. For an exterior only cleaning, the homeowner is typically responsible for removing any exterior window screens prior to our arrival. This is so our cleaning team can properly access the exterior glass and does not need to enter the home or work the mechanics of the windows. The homeowner does not necessarily need to be home for an exterior window cleaning, as long as all exterior window screens have been removed.

Gutter Guards FAQs

Should I invest in gutter guards for my gutter system?

Every home is different and gutter protection is not recommended for all applications. Gutter guard installation is an investment and may not necessarily be the answer to your gutter cleaning concerns. Our trained technicians will come to assess the home and surrounding landscape and advise which style of gutter guard might be appropriate for you and your intended budget. Please refer to our Gutter Guards page for more information on this topic.

Which type of gutter guard should I purchase?

This answer varies. There are hundreds of different types of gutter guards. Northside Window & Gutter Cleaning has experience with most of these. We have three different options that we recommend based on the type of roofing that you have, foliage around the home, and the homeowner’s budget. We DO NOT recommend any of the plastic gutter guards that can be purchased from the big box stores. You will be better off with regular gutter cleaning service than you would spending $1 on plastic gutter guards. We will be happy to discuss this reasoning with you.

Are you insured?

Northside Window & Gutter Cleaning is bonded and fully insured with liability and workers compensation insurance.

Do you offer a warranty on your work?

Northside offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on window cleanings and all work performed. We offer a “First Rain Guarantee” on all of our gutter cleaning options. We also offer a 1 year labor warranty on all gutter guards systems installed. The gutter guards themselves are not warranted, as they do not have any moving parts and can be damaged by falling debris or “acts of nature”

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