If you have ripped, torn, loose, faded, or worn window screens, Northside Window & Gutter Cleaning can offer some assistance. Our professional teams will effectively and efficiently re-screen your existing frames on site in most cases. As there is really no such thing as a “standard” screen size, we will measure and install the new material into your existing frames, right at your home.

Screening Material

Northside Window & Gutter Cleaning offers three types of replacement screening material all made by Phifer.

Standard Screen

18×16 – Standard Mesh Fiberglass for windows and doors. This standard fiberglass screen is the mesh applied in most window and doors. Easily fabricated, this high-quality standard mesh is the preferred insect screening in the industry.

Pet Screen

Pet Screen is great for pool and patio enclosures to keep your pets in and other animals out. Pet Screen is seven times stronger than traditional insect screening and offers excellent outward visibility. Ideal for those areas prime for potential damage and heavy wear in high traffic areas, this screen can be used on window screens, screen doors and screened porches.

Solar Screen

Solar Insect Screening offers the ultimate in insect protection while at the same time stopping up to 65% of the sun’s heat and glare. This fabric also improves daytime privacy while offering excellent outward visibility. Solar Insect Screen works whether windows are open or closed.

*All screening jobs are priced on an individual basis and would need to be looked at prior to scheduling any service.

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Multi-Service Discount

Customers that schedule 2 or more services* of $150 each or more receive a 10% discount on their total! Contact us to get started.

*Some services may not apply.